Baggino Learner’s Bib Review and Giveaway

When Kaelyn first began feeding herself I remember the messes! I knew that messes come with learning to feed yourself and that she needed to do it on her own to learn how though. We went through so many bibs in a day….and never really did find one that worked very well. It was almost easier to have her shirt off each time she ate. Even now at nearly 20 months…she can easily feed herself, but while still mastering the fork and spoon…we have our share of messes and need for a good bib. That’s why I was happy to have the opportunity to review the Baggino Learner’s Bib.

Seriously…I have never seen anything like the Baggino Learner’s Bib! Not only is it extra-long in the front for coverage where it is needed the most, but it also has long sleeves! GENIUS! It’s perfect for babies who are learning to feed themselves for the first time, and great for toddlers who are starting to feed themselves with silverware. Kaelyn typically tries to take her bibs off the minute I put them on…but she didn’t seem to mind this one at all. It seemed comfortable for her to wear and was SO easy to put on and take off. It has a velcro closure in the back which would work well if she ever were to try and take it off. I think the thing I liked best about it was the soft cotton terry material used. It washes up so nicely and I can tell it will last us a very long time! Having used this just a few times already with Kaelyn…I can tell you that the plan is to definitely get more in the near future…especially with our second baby on the way!

Not only does this bib work wonderful while a child is eating…but it would also be ideal as an art smock as well. It covers the areas that you would want to stay clean and fits so well! I’m actually considering buying some just to be used as art smocks for our kids.

Buy It: You can buy the Baggino Learner’s Bib for $12.50. And, until June 20th they’re offering free shipping when you use the promotional code “FREE SHIPPING” when placing your order!

How To Enter To Win: I’m super excited, because Baggino has offered one of my readers a Baggino Learner’s Bib!! To enter, all you have to do is visit the Baggino website and let me know another product they carry! They offer some great things!

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This giveaway will end July 2nd and is open to US Residents Only

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    What a great bib, my daughter is just about to start solids and this would be great! They also carry the Junior Combination Diaper Bag-N-Changing Belt.


  2. 33


    haha, a combination diaper bag and changing belt, and a junior one too. not quite sure if its a brilliant idea or entirely too amusing.

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