JC Toys Realistic Dolls Review & Giveaway (Winner’s Choice)

If there’s one thing every little one does at some point during their childhood, it’s playing with dolls. Both Kaelyn and Kaden love to care for their babies….snuggling them, feeding them, pushing them around in the stroller…the list goes on and on. Ever since Caysen was born, they enjoy it even more. It’s a lot of fun sitting back and watching as they engage in pretend play…taking care of their babies just as I take care of them and Caysen. It’s such an important part of childhood and something I want to encourage in any way I can. That’s why I was excited to learn about JC Toys and their cute and realistic looking dolls!

 A family operated business, JC Toys is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of a wide range of collectible dolls, specialty play items, accessories, and more. After all, feeding, bathing dressing and cuddling a new baby doll is what this company is all about. For over 30 years they have been making incredibly high quality, realistic looking dolls for little mommies around the world and the new additions to their line-up are no exception.

The newest dolls are priced from $12.99 to $59.99, and incredibly realistic looking. They give little ones the opportunity to make believe play, give hugs, kisses and cuddles just like they observe in their own family. As I browsed the JC Toys website for the first time, I could see what makes them unique from other dolls I’ve seen and owned….their life-look appearance is truly one-of-a-kind and something I knew my kids would absolutely love! That’s why I couldn’t have been happier to learn we were going to have the opportunity to review the La Newborn 15″ Real Boy!

When the baby boy doll arrived, I was impressed with how he came packaged. I love when companies take the time to present their products with care, and this was a great first impression. My kids couldn’t wait to get him out and start playing!

As I took the baby out of the box, it was easy for me to see why so many people have fallen in love with these adorable dolls. His amazing lifelike expressions resemble a newborn. Just look at that face!! So cute!

So much care went into ever little detail…the eyes, hands, feet, even the belly button!

I absolutely adore the skin rolls at the wrists, ankles and even behind the neck too. They bring back memories of when each of my kids were tiny babies and the adorable features that were so cute. Even Kaelyn commented how this doll reminded her of her little brother Caysen.

The kids have been able to play and pretend with the La Newborn doll daily since we got him. His realistic look makes them feel like they are truly caring for a baby, just like I do with their little brother. It’s been fun to see how well they care for him…hugging him, kissing him, even putting him in a doll crib at night. The all-vinyl bodies even make it possible to get them wet in the tub without fear of ruining them!

Kaden really enjoys having a boy baby too, as the rest of our dolls all came with girls clothing. I love that JC Toys offers each gender and different ethnicities to choose from as well. Not just in the skin color, but also the sculpt of the face. Most play doll companies typically just use a different color vinyl in a single sculpt, but not JC Toys. They truly make authenticity of ethnicities a priority, and it shows. Having so many sculpts and varied expressions to choose from, makes it possible to find the perfect doll for every child.

I could go on and on about how much our family loves our JC Toys La Newborn Real Boy doll! The quality is fantastic and something I know will last us a long time, which is great since the kids show no signs of losing interest anytime soon. The care that went into each and every detail is outstanding and truly sets these dolls apart and above and beyond the rest in my opinion. If you have a little one who loves to play dolls, I would highly recommend checking the fantastic selection from JC Toys.

Buy It: You can purchase the La Newborn 15′ Real Boy doll from JC Toys for $59.99.

Win It: One very lucky reader is going to win a JC Toys doll of their choice (from the options below).

Lil’ Hugs (available in pink, peach or purple)
Lil’ Cutesies (3 expressions to choose from)
Mini La Newborn (anatomically correct real boy, real girl, Asian, or African American)
La Newborn (anatomically correct real girl or real boy)
Lil’ Cutesies (Twins in Stroller or Twins in Bathtub)
Lots to Cuddle (20″ doll available in peach or pink)

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**The product for this review & Giveaway was provided for free. All opinions are my own.


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