Don’t Stop Yourself From Feeling Good

With everyday hundreds of smiling or funny selfies being shared on the social media platforms, it may seem difficult to believe that a lot of mental health issues continue to exist and, more important, that they are self-inflicted. There is a tendency to forget that how you feel is the result of how you choose to feel While you can’t have any control over the events in your life, you are free to react to these as you please. Naturally, this is a little simplified. When something upsetting happens, you are not expected to sit down and force yourself to think about jokes or happy memories to keep your spirits high. But how long you choose to remain upset and to let your emotion take over is your own decision. Below you will find the four most common mental health issues that you can fight off today. All you need is to take the first step; then help is always available for those who need it.

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Talk about your mental health

Self-Love Begins When You Care

Look at my ugly face, says the teenage girl as she shows the pictures of her last hangout with her friends. She finds that she looks fat and dull compared to her best friend. Her hair is not the right shade of blond, and her eyes are far too wide apart. In other words, she doesn’t like what she sees. You have probably recognized yourself in her: Nobody is fully satisfied with what they see in the mirror. There is a part of natural criticism. But when this turns into self-deprecation and even self-disgust, your healthy dose of self-criticism is going too far. Learning to love yourself again is a long and winding road. But start by introducing gestures of self-care in your daily routine. For instance, if you are using makeup, turn your beauty routine into a caring ritual. Begin by cleansing your face and priming it before you apply the foundation. This will make it stick better, but also it’s a simple way of giving your face the attention it needs to look its best. Caring is all it takes to make you look and feel better.

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Learn to love yourself

Shame Stops When You Ask For Help

Sometimes, whether it has happened to you or to someone you know, people fall into the trap of what seems like easy comfort in a stressful situation. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes can then become your confidant in times of darkness. As you begin to rely more and more on your confidant, the addiction develops and begins the only drive of your life. This is how a vicious circle of addictive behaviors appears: The bad habit takes over; you become isolated, dependent and disgusted by your behavior. Most people who suffer from a serious addiction feel too ashamed to ask for help. But you can trust rehabilitation experts such as at to welcome you with open arms and without judging you. There is no place for shame when you are finding ways to break away from a vicious circle. On the contrary, you should be proud of yourself.

Problems Are Easier To Deal With If You Share Them

How many people struggle with mental health issues every day? It’s hard to know as mental health remains a big taboo in society. But if you are fighting off your demons, or if you know a friend who is, remember that nobody has to suffer on their own. Your first step to getting better is to open up to a trusted friend, relative or your doctor. Explaining how you feel and the burden it has become in your everyday life is all it takes for others to listen. It is intimidating, but as long as you don’t take responsibility and share your feelings, there is no way that you can get better.

Loneliness Stops When You Go Towards Others

At the core of modern mental health issues such as depression and stress-related diseases, there is the feeling of being isolated from others. argues that loneliness is a trap that you need to escape from before it turns into a bad habit. Loneliness is the ideal terrain for self-defeating mood: Rapidly everything you do and see will be stained by a dark cloud of loneliness that eats any positive thought away. This can only stop if you decide to destroy isolation: You can volunteer in your community, reconnect with your friends, or simply join a local class. Loneliness feeds on your fear of rejection. Stop feeding it!

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Loneliness is not a fatality

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