Fixing The Emotional Cracks In Life

Life is never a long and tranquil journey, despite what romantic comedies lead us to believe. For most people, life can emotionally extremely demanding. From difficult relationships to self-criticism, the emotional journey is a roller-coaster. And like most roller-coasters, if you’re not prepared for it, it can make you feel extremely sick. Except that life’s emotional sickness is not temporary and cannot be sorted out with a quick trip to the toilet. Emotional breakage can last forever if you don’t know how to fix the cracks and build on them. So, here is a little guide to help you to make the most of life’s roller-coaster and to find ways to fix situations that see beyond repair. So, put your belt on safely, relax and enjoy the journey with the help of these tips and tricks.

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Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster of life

Learning to communicate again

Most emotional crisis, when they involve more than one person, are often caused by a problem in communication. It doesn’t mean that people can’t talk to each other anymore. Sometimes, people choose not to address certain subjects or find it difficult to discuss itchy topics without a fight. In truth, learning to communicate your emotions with words more than actions can need the support of a group therapy. This is what counseling for couples, families, and teams is providing: An area to communicate openly and peacefully in order to solve inherent issues.  

Discovering how to build trust

In life, you will come across people that you can’t trust and people that can. Unfortunately, if your good faith has already been abuse in the past, you will find it difficult to build trust relationships, at work and in your social life. If you work with a team, you will rapidly realize that the trust building strategies can be applied to other areas of your life. For instance, trust in a team is about open communication, so that no information is kept hidden. This is also true in your love relationship. Secrets can damage trust. When people in a team work together, it’s also important to avoid placing blame, as it creates a negative atmosphere. Similarly, honest mistakes happen even outside of the office: When you start blaming each other for every little bump in your relationship, you are actively destroying the trust you place in each other.

Embracing positivity

Not every emotional crisis needs to involve someone else. Most begin with self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-hatred. Thinking that you look ugly or that you sound silly begins a process of self-rejection. In other words, you can begin to neglect yourself. This could be creating punishment patterns to hurt yourself, eating less, drinking too much to forget, etc. It’s important to break the vicious circle and force yourself to find something positive in your life. Whether it is a potted geranium or your new hairstyle, it doesn’t matter. What matters is to walk right into the positive light.

Taking back control

Finally, emotional breakage can sometimes be inflicted by emotional manipulation. The friend who constantly makes you feel guilty for asking his or her help, or the colleague who keeps lying to your face, these are emotional manipulators who can eat your strength away. It’s important to recognize those who are damaging to your emotional health and walk away from them.


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