3 Ways to use an EZ curl bar at home

EZ Curl bar is a type of gym equipment that is used for bicep curls, upright rows, and lying triceps extensions. The curved profile in the bar allows the user to take a more neutral and less supinated position on their wrists and forearms. It hits the outside of the bicep muscles called brachialis. Everybody wants big biceps. It is the first thing guys show off when flexing their muscles and a lot of bodybuilders have started with this simple yet effective bar which gives them a beautiful end result.

Before using the EZ curl bar you must first understand its purpose and how to use it effectively. Some just lift it because others are doing it while others think of its featured curve is just a design. With this mindset, they are surely not utilizing the equipment to its full potential. The EZ curl bar targets the smaller muscle groups in the biceps and triceps giving them a finer tone. When compared to the standard barbell, the angle of your wrist is straight while with the curl bar  gives your wrist a slight angle. This can result in less stress on your arms. There are many exercises that involve the use of an EZ curl bar. Here are some that you can use to improve your body.

Bodyweight Flyes

This exercise is a good way to strengthen your chest. It is not advisable for beginners because it requires stable arms. If you are still new to working out do not attempt doing this.

First, you position two equal loaded EZ bars that can roll onto the ground and next to each other. Now you position yourself as if you are starting to do push-ups but instead of putting your palms flat on the ground, you hold the two EZ bars. Now all you have to do is move your hands away from the center of your body while slowly rolling the bars apart. This exercise may be hard but it is a great way to strengthen your chest and arm muscles and also give you a stable core.

Close Grip Ez Curl Bar with Band

This workout is great for hitting up your biceps and it is very easy to perform. All you have to do is attach a band to each tip of the bar while you step into the middle of the band on the ground. While keeping your upper arms in place, flex your elbows to execute the curl.  The purpose of the band is to give additional force by pulling back the bar to your starting position so you have to muster the strength to stop it from pulling it back directly. This is good for strengthening your arms.

Preacher bench with EZ bar

Preacher bench is a piece of gym equipment that allows you to work with the EZ bar in a sitting position. You can always improvise with a chair and achieve the same results at home. The preacher bench routine helps you keep your arms motionless while the forearm flexes. It brings the elbows forward in front of the body thus isolating the biceps for you to work out the muscle. If you use the preacher bench with an EZ bar then you are giving your biceps a double workout. All you have to do is sit on the preacher bench and position your arms over the angled pad. Then you stretch your arms fully and make sure your armpits are positioned on top of the angled pad. Now all you have to do is lift the curl bar until it reaches your shoulders. Always be critical of your position so that you will have the best results.

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