Believe Movie Review ~ Miracles Are Everywhere

Our family loves to sit down and watch good family friendly movies together, so we were thrilled when asked to review the heartwarming film, Believe that released last month!


This inspirational film follows a small town business owner as he struggles with the financial responsibility of funding the annual Christmas pageant all while trying to keep his business afloat. He comes to a point where he must choose between selling his business and canceling the pageant.

I wasn’t sure this story line would keep the interest of my young kiddos, but all five of us loved this movie so much!! They especially related to the young boy in the movie, Clarence. When Matthew was left for dead (a situation you’ll learn more about when you watch the movie ;)), he is found and cared for by Clarence. This little boy is amazing – his positive attitude and most importantly his faith and belief in miracles!

The relationship formed between Matthew and Clarence (as well as the boy’s mother) is truly heartwarming, and impacts Matthew’s life in a way he never thought possible. Meeting this young boy who believes in miracles helps teach him to believe and give faith a chance!

We found this movie kept our attention the entire 119 minutes, and touched our hearts. It’s a movie we could watch over and over again, and one we have already recommended to those we know. If you’re looking for a feel good movie, one that you can sit down and watch with your family… I would highly recommend Believe!


Check out the trailer below…

Have you seen Believe? What did you and your family think of this touching movie?

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