Fathers: Learn To Be A Better Role Model For Your Kids

Fathers: Learn To Be A Better Role Model For Your Kids

As a father, it is vital that you are taking the time to learn everything you can about how you can be a better remodel for your children. This is important because literally everything you do and say molds your children into the adults that they will someday become. If you want them to be the best and most well-rounded adults around, then you need to lead by example. Doing anything else is selling them short.

Get Help For Your Demons

If you have a problem with substance abuse, you need to make sure that you are taking the time to have that treated right away. Even if you think that you have done a good job at hiding your addictions from your children, they most likely know more than you think.

They might not know the full extent of what you are going through, but they can sense a difference in you when you are using a substance, whether it is a drug or alcohol. You are subconsciously teaching your children that when times are tough – turn to a substance. You cannot continue to allow that to happen. Therefore, you will want to seek out a drug or alcohol treatment facility that will help you battle your addictions.

Refrain From Holding In Your Emotions

Has someone hurt your feelings? Have you been embarrassed in the recent past and found yourself holding in anger and shame? That kind of stuff will eventually boil over and can cause you to lash out. You need to remember that when you are doing all of that, your children are watching. They are learning through your examples and therefore, they will mimic the ways in which you handle your emotions.

Instead, talk openly about your feelings. Show your children that this is a healthy way to express what you are going through. Also, both you and your children will learn that by taking the time to talk it out, the internal turmoil that is experienced will not last as long. When you notice one of your children having a hard time after coming home from school one day, you will want to sit down to have a chat. Spend time together discussing the things that went wrong, how that made him or her feel, and what they can do to turn it around into a positive experience. Remember, even tough times are times that we can learn from.

Take Positive Action

When you are dealing with anxiety, instead of shutting down and grabbing a beer, go outside and take the dog for a walk. Get the kids involved. Even if there is not a lot of deep insightful conversation happening during your walks, you will find that this is an excellent way to bond with the kids. They will have fond memories from these times and they, in turn, will remember those walks to be a great way for them to handle anxiety as they grow older.

Just remember, no matter what it is you are doing, no matter how big or small or whether you think the kids are watching – they are. They are absorbing everything you do and say and they are internalizing those things as how they should handle things when they grow into adults – even if they do not realize that this is what they are doing. Since your children are wired to absorb information like sponges, it is your job to take the advice given here, and any other helpful tips you come across, and make a better life for yourself and everyone in the family. You are not just helping yourself, but your kids, and their future kids as well. The positive vibes that you will start bringing into your family will trickle down for many generations if you play your cards right.

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