Simple Solution For Quick & Easy Meals ~ Instant Pot Pressure Cooker {+RECIPE}

As my kids get older, they are involved in more things. This makes it even more necessary to find products that can simplify my daily routine…especially with summer around the corner!!

Last month I was introduced to a kitchen appliance that has completely changed our meal routine, and it has been WONDERFUL!! Have you heard of the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker before? ┬áThis handy appliance has made making meals so quick and easy, my only wish is that I had bought one sooner!! I’m talking cook time for a big pot of beef stroganoff being only 3 minutes!!! Or cook time for a delicious pot of Ham & Potato Soup at 10 minutes! One pot clean up and short cook time…YES PLEASE!!!


Having never used a pressure cooker, there was a little learning to be done at first. But boy is it easy to use! Seriously, if I can…ANYONE can!! If you’re looking for a great way to simplify your meal making routine, I’d definitely recommend looking into the Instant Pot. Not only is it quick and easy to use, but oh my goodness is the food DELICIOUS!! We use ours all the time. So much that I’ve decided I’ll be sharing a recipe a week for other Instant Pot lovers! In the comments feel free to link or comment with your favorite pressure cooker recipe as well!

Here is one of our family favorites…

Ham & Potato Soup

*5 lb bag of potatoes peeled and cubed
*6 Cups (approx. 1- 48 oz box) of chicken broth
*1 lb ham, cubed
*2 Tbsp Minced onion
*Salt and Pepper to taste
*2 T butter
*1/4 C Sour Cream
*8oz box Cream Cheese
*1 bag (2 Cups) shredded cheddar cheese
*1 bag Real Bacon Bits
*Optional: freeze dried chives to taste

1. Add the cubed potatoes and chicken broth, making sure the potatoes are covered. Then add the ham, minced onion, salt and pepper and stir.
2. Close lid, turn valve to “sealing” and set the Instant Pot to manual for 10 minutes.
3. Once the timer goes off, quick pressure release by turning the valve to “venting” to release the pressure.
4. Open lid once pressure is released and add butter, cream cheese, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and chives and mix until everything is melted and well blended.
5. Let sit for a few minutes to thicken, then serve!

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