2nd Trimester To Do List

The second trimester is a great time to take a break from your daily routine; you can go on a maternity leave, go on a trip or even spend more time with your partner. At this stage of pregnancy, you can carry out multiple activities without much hassle as the terrible phase of feeling nauseated and tired all the time is long gone or starting to fade. Below is a 2nd trimester list that you can use as a guide to ensure you do not forget or miss out on anything.

  • Schedule for 2nd trimester antenatal appointments

During your 16th week appointment, the practitioner will give you more information about the anomaly scan. This scan which is meant to check on the growth of your little one is conducted between 18 weeks and 21 weeks. For first time moms, the following appointments; between 25 weeks and 28 weeks there will be tests carried out to check the size of your uterus, check your blood pressure and test your urine for protein. Protein in your urine is usually a sign of an infection such as a urinary tract infection (UTI). However, if the protein is found in your urine during the second half of your pregnancy, this is a sign that you could be developing preeclampsia. For this reason, an anomaly scan is crucial at this stage of pregnancy.

  • Hire the services of a doula

Another fun thing to do while in your 2nd trimester of pregnancy is to interview and hire a doula. The services of a doula are a vital resource for any pregnant woman; a doula is always there for you during the toughest times of your pregnancy constantly assuring you that all will be well. Carrying a baby to term can be quite an uphill task especially for women who develop complications during pregnancy. Also, a pregnant woman is bound to feel anxious or rather afraid of labor and delivery. For all these reasons, a doula’s services are of prime importance while pregnant.

  • Shop for pregnancy clad

In the 2nd trimester, your bump has definitely grown bigger making it difficult if not impossible to fit into your pre-pregnancy outfits. For this reason you will need to go shop for maternity clothes. Alternatively, moms who are on a budget could borrow clothes from mommy friends and family or even better buy maternity clothes on wholesale.

Clothes are, of course, not the only things you should shop ahead for. Make sure you write down a pregnancy bag checklist and grab everything before your third trimester so you can enjoy the last 3 months with a peace of mind.

Lastly, do your research during this period as well and buy the items you`ll need immediately after birth, like a breast pump you feel comfortable with if you plan on going the breastfeeding route.

  • Schedule a pregnancy photoshoot session

This is a super fun tip for any mom having a difficult pregnancy.  Scheduling a maternity photoshoot should not be a strenuous activity; you could have your spouse or a friend take some nice photos of your growing bump. Alternatively you could book an appointment with a professional photographer. You may not be so confident about your looks especially if you have put on some pounds. However, do not hesitate to take these photos as you will one day look back on the pictures and smile at the wonderful gift of life.

  • Find out your little one’s gender

If you decide that you want to find out your baby’s gender, then this is a perfect time. Making guesses with your spouse prior to the anomaly scan that reveals your baby’s gender makes this a fun experience.

  • Go on a vacation

During the second trimester, the nausea and fatigue is usually gone. Also, the pregnancy at this point is not too heavy yet; to strain your movements. Therefore, you can spare some time and cash to take a vacation. If your pregnancy has had no complications then you are totally safe to fly.

  • Choose a name for your baby

You and your partner definitely have multiple baby names to choose from; at this stage of pregnancy you have both had this discussion but not arrived to a conclusion. Shortlist all the names you and your partner have in mind and then swap the lists and cancel out the name suggestions you do not like. This way, you will have a name for your baby sooner than you thought.

  • Begin your childcare hunt

This may seem as though it is a long way off but weighing your childcare options is quite useful. The earlier the better; the best childcare options definitely have long waiting lists. If you have no idea of how to go about this, you could ask for recommendations from other moms or moms-to-be in your area.

  • Prepare your older kid/s for their new sibling

Your older kids may have noticed your growing bump and are probably become inquisitive. This stage is a perfect time to prepare them for a new sibling. Whenever they ask questions pertaining to your pregnancy, tell them that their little brother or sister is growing inside you. Allow them to touch and speak to the baby if they want to; this prepares them adequately ahead of birth.


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