Bouncing Back After Pregnancy

Pregnancy affects your body in many ways. While it’s a miracle of nature, it wreaks havoc on health. The image of a blooming pregnant woman is far from reality. Instead, pregnancy makes you bloated, irritable, and awash with hormones. At few other times will your body be under such pressure. And, hey, it’s no surprise when you consider that it’s growing a baby!

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In a lot of instances, the effects wear off during the days after birth. The body has a phenomenal ability to heal. Even that stomach you thought would explode will soon shrink again. But, some things are longer lasting. Your pelvic floor, for example, may need some exercise to get back to normal. And, that bad back you got lugging around your baby belly isn’t going to fix itself.

Luckily for you, backs are what we’re going to focus on here. When you have a newborn in tow, a bad back is the last thing you want. At the end of the day, the state of your stomach or pelvic strength isn’t going to affect your ability as a mother. But, your bad back could. You need to be able to lift your child without pain. So, follow these steps to get back to a time without pain.

Consider your posture

Bad posture is never good. But, when you’re already suffering, the effects could be catastrophic. You need to consider your posture in everything you do during early motherhood. For example, you want to avoid bending over the crib whenever possible. Always make sure to pull down the side for easy access. Think, too, about how you lift your child. If you have bad posture here, you’ll soon know it. Posture is even relevant when you’re nursing  your baby. While you may want to slouch during night time feeds, you should never do it. Always sit with your back straight.

Aim for aids

To get back to health as fast as possible, consider aids. For your nursing sessions, invest in specialist pillows which promote good posture. These will offer support, as well as encouraging you into the right position. Think, too, about your sleep. This is prime healing time, and opting for mattresses specially designed for back pain is well worth your time. You can also get help for the day to day pain by investing in back supports, which will help ease you while things heal.

Gentle exercises

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Exercises will be the last thing you want to do, but it’s important to do them anyway. The chances are that you weren’t overly active during your pregnancy. That won’t have helped with the condition of your back. And, that problem only worsens when you avoid movement due to pain. As such, it’s time to start some gentle exercises. You don’t have to go all out with a jogging session, here. Something like yoga for back pain would be the ideal way into a new form of movement. You should notice a difference in just a few sessions.

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