Developing a Child For The Future…When You’re Stuck In Your Ways

We all want our child to be healthy, happy, well educated, and possessive of a bunch of other good qualities, too. However, these things won’t just happen – they need to be nurtured in your child by, well, you! Unfortunately, if you’re from a generation or household where things were done differently, then you might feel a bit intimidated by your responsibilities. Making sure your child is loved, well fed, and has a roof over their head? Check. Making sure they’re a child for the future? That’s less straightforward. Below, we offer four ways you can make sure they’re going to be the best they can be.

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Say Yes

We’re all guilty of saying no from time to time, and some of us are guilty of saying it all the time. If you want to cultivate a child that is open to the many possibilities of the world, then they need to see that good things can come from saying yes to the world. If you’re presented with an opportunity or an idea, then embrace it – you don’t know where it’ll take you, but it surely won’t be anywhere bad. You’ll be exposed to new ways of doing things and new activities: always fun!

Get Reading

Nobody has all the answers, but collectively we have solutions to many of the issues that people struggle with. For starters, go easy on yourself: you can’t instinctively know everything; that’s why reading is such a valuable tool. If you’re a bit lost when it comes to what you children should be eating, the products they should be using, and so on, check out Sound Body Life. Also, start reading your local newspapers and websites to learn about events and activities that are going on in your local area; there’ll be more happening than you probably realise!

Rethink the Staples

We all get stuck in our ways. We have the same old, same old for dinner, do the same things on the weekends, and visit the same vacation spots each year – usually at the same time of year, too. From now, rethink the things you’re doing on autopilot. It only takes a small amount of imagination to do things differently, and, once we have, we’ll be adding new strings to our bows – and more importantly, to the bows of our children, too. If they’ve grown up doing fifteen different activities rather than just the usual two or three, there’ll be well-rounded adults when they grow up.

Ask For More…From Yourself

Of course, it’s not easy to drag ourselves out of comfort zones, but if we want our children to be an improvement on ourselves, then we need to look at how we can improve ourselves, to begin with. Children learn much more than we think from their parents, and if you have an attitude that means you’re always pushing yourself, they’ll pick up on it and make it part of who they are!

With a bit of effort and advice from outside sources, we can develop the kind of people we want our children to be.

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