What Are Some of the Most Needed Items For a New Baby?

If you are pregnant and getting ready to have your first child, you may be wondering what items are necessary for you to have before your little one arrives. Although toys and blankets are always good to have, there are other items that are a bit more important. You should make sure to get these items ahead of time so that you are fully prepared to meet the needs of your new baby.

Feeding Products

Whether you plan to breastfeed your baby, pump into bottles or even give formula, it is important to have the right feeding products available. If you are pumping or feeding formula, consider purchasing a variety of bottles in different sizes. You may need to start off with smaller bottles in the beginning, but your growing baby will soon need larger bottles to accommodate the amount of milk he or she is drinking in one sitting.

A newborn should not eat solid foods, so there is no need to run out to get spoons, bowls and forks in the very beginning. If you are planning to breastfeed, consider getting a breast pump just in case. Even if you prefer to feed directly from your nipple, there may be times when you need to pump because your breasts are full but the baby is sleeping. You could place the milk from the pump into milk storage bags and freeze them until you are ready to use them.

Car Seat & Stroller

Unless you plan on walking home from the hospital, a car seat is a must and some hospitals even require you to bring on upon checkout. Unless you’re buying a travel system make sure to find a car seat that’ll be compatible with the stroller you have. Having the right car seat and stroller for your baby can be crucial to your babies first few years of life. Find out everything you need to know about buying strollers from mommasbaby’s guide.

Diapering Products

When your baby is first born, he or she will likely go through a lot of diapers. Consider whether you should use disposable diapers or cloth diapers. It does not hurt to purchase a combination of both options in case you change your mind about what you would like to use on your little one. It helps to purchase a variety of brands, too.

If one brand bothers your little one, you could always switch over to the next brand. Some babies have sensitive skin and will need to use diapers that are gentle on the skin. Aside from getting plenty of diapers, you should stock up on diaper rash cream because babies with rashes are often fussy due to the discomfort.

Soothing Products

It is important to soothe your baby and make sure he or she feels comfortable. If your baby does not feel comfortable, he or she will likely cry more often, which could easily mean less rest for you and your partner. There are several soothing products that tend to help babies sleep better and relax a bit more, such as swaddle blankets and pacifiers. You may want to invest in a soothing sounds monitor and a mobile for the baby’s crib so that he or she has something to hear and look at while resting in the crib.

There are some items that you should have before giving birth to your new baby. There are certain feeding products, diapering products and soothing products that are beneficial for the baby in a number of ways. As long as you stock up on these items, you should have no problems.

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