Making Mealtime Easier To Manage

Mealtimes have the potential to be the most rewarding time of the day. They’re the one time when the family comes together and talks! Or not… In many households, the ideal depiction of a family meal is nothing more than a fantasy. You all eat at different times, if at all. As mom, it’s not unusual for you to miss meal times altogether, because you’re nursing baby, or trying to prepare various meals. As such, dinner turns from a relaxing experience into your least favorite time of day.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little readjustment, you could achieve a mealtime routine fit for the movies. All you have to do is follow these steps!

Overcome fussy eating so one meal is all it takes

Only making one meal will make a huge difference. If you’re trying to cook chicken for one child and fish for another, it’s no wonder that things get heated. Not to mention that different meals make it a lot less likely you’ll all eat together.

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The best way around this issue is to end fussy eating in your family. While adopting an ‘it’s this or nothing’ stance may be a little harsh, there are other ways to achieve the goal. A lot of the time, fussy eating is nothing more than a preconception your child has. The more fuss you make, the more they’ll stick to their guns. If you simply serve the food and tuck into your own meal, you may find that start to nibble.

If that doesn’t work, develop a reward scheme to get them eating foods they refused in the past. It’s amazing what kids will do for a sticker!

Make sure you don’t have to worry about baby

How many times have you left the table because the baby was crying in the other room? When mom leaves, the meal will often fall apart. So, make sure you don’t have to leave again by investing in a baby chair for the table. By looking at baby chair reviews and ratings online, you can ensure you’re buying an option which suits. Your baby is sure to be happier for being included, and you won’t have to rush out because they’re right there. You may also find that this chair works wonders when it comes time for your little one to try solids!

Routine is at the root of easy eating

It’s also worth developing a few routines to ensure your meal times get easier. For one, preparing a meal plan for the week will save you the last minute panic of what you’re going to cook. Instead of spending time each day, you can turn to your list and know exactly what you’re doing.

Make a routine, too, regarding when you eat. That way, there’s no excuse for anyone to miss a meal. If they know to expect food at half five, you won’t have such trouble tracking everyone down when the time comes.



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