Healthier, Longer Looking Lashes in 2018! #lashduo

I have always had short, stubby lashes, with hooded eyes that hide them even more! Needless to say, when Younique launched the Esteem Lash Serum I had mine ordered right away. It’s supposed to boost natural lash health and encourage more length and volume to your lashes. Could it really be that easy?! The answer for me has been yes! It’s been six months since I began using this product and I’ve been THRILLED with the results. My lashes are healthier, longer and actually noticeable!


The Epic mascara has been another key product that I began using around the same time. It helps pump up my lashes, and adds volume, length and clump-free curl in one easy step! It’s by far the best one step mascara I’ve ever used. Love love LOVE it!!

If you’d like to learn more about Esteem or Epic, feel free to visit (Click SHOP -> EYES -> then Esteem Lash Serum OR Epic Mascara). Esteem Lash Serum is $42 and Epic mascara is $24.

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