Must-Have Gear For Your Health Kick

Many people fall off the bandwagon with their New Year’s Resolution health kick, and that’s fine. You’re only human after all. You might have been one of those rare people that have made a resolution to run a mile before breakfast every day and stuck to it. Whichever way you chose to get your daily exercise, it is important that you have the right gear to help you in your goals. There’s more to this game than searching for the right protein powder. Below are a few things it might be worth spending some of your hard-earned on to keep you at your best for your workout.

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If you’re exercising, you are likely on your feet, and if you’re on your feet, you need to have good shoes. Exercising in the wrong footwear could not only hinder your performance, but it could also set you up for injury. If you are lifting weights, running shoes are a bad idea as they are too unstable. You will need shoes with a flat, hard sole. There are specific weightlifting shoes you can buy, or if a simple pair of converse is good enough for some competitive lifters, they’ll probably do for you. If you are running long distance, then a good set of shoes and insoles from somewhere like will make the world of difference. Make sure you are buying the correct footwear for your specific needs.


The correct clothing is essential to help you perform better. If you are running outside, you will need a suitable base layer that will keep you dry and at the correct temperature. You need clothing that will allow you to move freely whilst also keeping you protected from the elements. You should also bear in mind that if you are exercising outdoors and it is dark, or the weather is bad, you will need to utilise a waterproof jacket as well as reflective clothing or a head torch. It is very important to stay safe while you are out exercising.


All exercise will take its toll on your system, and you will end up losing a lot of fluids in your sweat. It is important to rehydrate as you exercise. Having a reusable and sturdy bottle you use specifically for your workouts is a good idea, but there are other options should you desire. Companies like Camelbak have a range of hydration packs that can either be worn as a rucksack or inside your rucksack, to allow you to carry a larger amount of water than a bottle could hold with ease. Not only does this mean you stay hydrated on those long runs in the summer, but you get to keep your hands free to focus on your running too.


Most people like to put on some music while they exercise to help them zone out. The right soundtrack could make the difference between you hitting your personal best and not, so you don’t want anything to throw you off. Plenty of manufacturers make armbands to house your phone or mp3 player, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of your pocket in the middle of your run.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to understand the importance of investing in the correct equipment to help you on the road to your fitness goals. Though they may not seem like big changes to make, the impact will still be there.


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