My hubby and I will be heading on a mini vacay soon, to enjoy some fun in the sun! After the frigid temps we’ve been experiencing here in the midwest, I CANNOT WAIT!!! We won’t be leaving for a while, but I’ve already begun packing in my mind. Anyone else do this?! I guess it’s the planner in me! Anyways, when taking a beach vacation, there are a couple of things I keep in mind when packing the essentials and I thought I’d share them with you since they are fresh in my mind….

Simplicity and Skincare!



1. Rosewater ~ It’s great for redness and inflammation, bug bites and is soothing to sunburns. It’s also very hydrating!

2. Moisturizer with SPF ~ When in the sun everyday, I like a moisturizer with SPF as added protection for my skin. My top pick is our Hydrating Day Cream. Feels amazing on the skin!

3. BB Cream ~ A tinted moisturizer is perfect for a beach trip! It gives me a tint of color while also moisturizing my skin!! It’s a great lightweight foundation.

4. Bronzer ~ I love love LOVE Beachfront Bronzer. It’s great for enhancing that “on the beach all day sunkissed glow”. With a shimmer and a matte side, I even like to use it on my eyes as eyeshadow and lips as a neutral lip look. Super simple!

5. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette ~ Packing a neutral eyeshadow palette not only simplifies my packing, but it makes it easy to get different eye looks for every outfit I wear during my trip! Addiction Palette 1 works perfectly for this!!

6. Water Resistant Mascara ~ Between the humidity and the water, having a water resistant mascara is a must!! I have been loving having my 3D mascara along…it stays put all day long!

7. Tinted Lip Balm ~ I love having a little color on my lips, but also need to treat them when in the sun all day! Lip Bonbons are the perfect solution for this! I have my choice of five colors and each one leaves my lips feeling super soft and hydrated! A must for a day at the beach.

8. Lipgloss ~ I like to add a little shine to my lip looks in the evening. Lipgloss is a fantastic way to do this! My top pick is our Lucrative Lipgloss. It comes in many different colors to choose from, while going on smoothly without the sticky feel. Love it!!

9. Uplift Beauty Serum ~ Rich in vitamins, natural skin lipids and antioxidants…this is formulated to replenish, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time! It is nutrition for my sun-exposed skin and makes it feel soft and moisturized when using it each night.

10. Makeup Remover Cloths ~ Not only does this make taking off my makeup at the end of the day super simple (perfect for throwing in the suitcase as well), but the Shine Makeup Remover Cloths are like a skin treatment! They leave my skin feeling absolutely amazing.

Of course there are other must haves (swimsuit, sandals, etc), but when it comes to makeup and skincare, these are my MUST-HAVES! You can learn more about any one of these products by visiting

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