Top 10 Must-haves for a Walt Disney World Vacation


A couple of years ago our family went on a family vacation to Walt Disney World!  It was the kids’ first time there, as well as to the ocean or on an airplane. They had a lot of firsts on this trip, and it was so fun to make memories together that will last a lifetime!! With it being such a memorable trip, we’ve decided to start planning a SECOND trip back to this magical place!! As I begin the planning process I wanted to reshare some of our must-haves for a family vacation to Walt Disney World! There were products I wouldn’t have wanted to be without last time, and those I’ll be sure to have with us this time as well!

1. Joovy Caboose VaryLight Double Stroller

  • If you missed our review of the Joovy Caboose VaryLight Double Stroller, be sure to read it here. When planning for our Disney vacation I knew we’d need some sort of double stroller. Kaelyn is old enough  now where she doesn’t ride in a stroller much. I knew she could handle walking, but it was for my boys who I knew would need somewhere to sit at times and ride so they could stick with us when walking through the crowds of people. The VaryLight Double Stroller from Joovy was absolutely perfect for this! It allowed for Caysen to have a comfortable seat to ride in and nap in when necessary. It also allowed for Kaden to ride, but at 5 years old he was happy to have the choice of either standing or sitting. The large basket was perfect for carrying all of our belongings and we absolutely LOVED the unique telescopic frame that expands the stroller from a single to a full-size double in seconds.  When in the airport it was handy to have it more compact, but at the parks when we had a lot to put in the basket and wanted it comfortable for both kids riding…being able to expand it was wonderful! Since we were flying, we found this to be the perfect size double stroller for our needs. I would take it again in a heartbeat and would definitely recommend it to other families going on a Disney vacation, or any trip for that matter! It’s a must-have in my opinion. (The Joovy Caboose VaryLight Double Stroller is available for purchase on Amazon)

2. Camera Coat

  • I am SO thanksful I came across Camera Coats before our trip. It was one of those things every mom with a camera should own. Boy did it make my life easier on our Disney Vacation! Here’s the link to my review if you want to read more about it. Basically, Camera Coats are an all-in-one fabric bag/holder/protector for your camera. It makes it easy to carry your camera safely without having to lug around another bag. Simply slip the camera coat onto your camera and hook it to the strap and you’re good to go! On a trip like this, I had my camera with me everywhere so being able to conveniently carry it around my neck without having to worry about it getting damaged (or rained on) was wonderful! It was also nice not to have another bag to worry about. When I didn’t want to carry the camera, it was easy to just throw it in my purse or bag that I was carrying. This is the only way I’ll ever carry my camera around on vacation again…it is perfect for moms on the go everywhere. (This product is available for purchase at


3. Safety 1st BoostAPak Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat

  • Since we flew instead of drove to Orlando, we knew we’d need to rent a car when we got there. That meant I had to think ahead about car seats for my younger two. We ended up renting a convertible car seat for Caysen, but for Kaden’s size and age he was able to get by with a belt-positioning booster car seat. I didn’t want to rent another seat, so we decided to take along our Safety 1st BoostAPak instead (you can check out our review, here)! This worked AMAZING for travel!! Not only did it give us a convenient and portable booster seat for the drive to and from the airport as well as while we were in Florida, but it also doubled as a backpack for the airplane which I LOVE!! It’s an ideal way to travel with a child. Kaden enjoyed being able to carry it on his back throughout the airport and put all his plane ride snacks and activities in…all while having a great quality booster seat to use when needed. I would highly recommend this for families with kids while traveling. We’ll definitely take it again on the next vacation we fly somewhere. (The Safety 1st BoostAPak is available through Amazon)

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4. Rock N Sip N Snack Canteen with Straps

  • Although we were traveling to Florida in April, I knew it would still be plenty warm for the kids and that they’d need to stay hydrated. It was important to me that I found a canteen for the kids that would make having their water on the go easy. When searching for something that might work, I came across the Rock N Sip N Snack Canteens with Straps and fell in love! Not only were they a great size…but they also had the added bonus of having a compartment on the bottom where we could put crackers. Simply turn the base of the cup and it has enough space to hold quite a few goldfish crackers or other type of snack. The strap was perfect, as the kids could carry their water with them wherever we went and I didn’t have to worry about losing them. Of course, the fun characters on the bottles also made these canteens a lot of fun too! These were not only great for our trip, but an ideal way for kids to have their drink and snack with them throughout the summertime too. I’m extremely happy we have them for our running around this summer. (The Rock N Sip N Snack Canteens with Straps are available on Amazon in a variety of themes).

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5. Dawgs Spirit Shoes for Kids

  • Last summer I came across some great shoes for my kids. They’re durable, comfortable and very cute!! As much as my kids ran around in them last summer without any complaints of discomfort at all…I knew these would be a perfect shoe choice for our long days at Disney. I bought each of the kids a new pair this Spring and love all the color choices! I went with the white/navy for the boys and the white/pink for Kaelyn, as these are colors they wear often so I knew they’d go with pretty much everything! They were comfortable enough for the kids to wear them all day long, and because of the rubber outsole…it didn’t matter if they got wet in the rain or on a ride…we could just wipe them off and they were good to go. I also love that I don’t have to worry about them slipping off their little feet, thanks to the adjustable strap that goes over the top of the foot. These are our go-to kids shoes in the spring and summertime, and were perfect for our Disney vacation! (Dawgs Spirit Shoes can be purchased for Kids and Adults through Amazon)

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6. Yellow Box Sandals for Women 

  • With all the walking I knew we’d be doing at Disney, I wanted to find a sandal that would be cute and comfortable. In my search for advice from Disney goers, I came across the Yellow Box Yulisa Sandal. I loved the look right away, as well as the fact that they offer these sandals in a variety of colors. I got a pair in gray/white chevron and absolutely loved them! Not only were they a versatile sandal that went with many of the outfits I wore, but they were incredibly comfortable. The sole is very supportive and I never had an issue with blisters once. These are a flip flop I’d definitely recommend to women, whether you’re going on a trip or not. I’m looking forward to wearing them all summer long! (These and other Yellow Box sandals are available through Amazon)

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7. Merona Ostrich Tote Bag 

  • I no longer need to carry a diaper bag, but traveling with kids still requires us to bring a lot of extra things which lead me on a search for a user-friendly tote bag. I knew I’d need to carry not only the things I needed like our travel documents, money, etc…but also extra snacks, kleenex, and things for the kids to do on the plane as well! When I came across the Merona Ostrich Tote Bag, I knew it would be perfect. I love the neutral color exterior, as well as the amazing size. My favorite feature however, is that this open-type handbag has a zip compartment in the center, and then it’s open on each side of that. This made it easy for me slide things in and get to them easily. I appreciate the zip compartment for things that could easily fall out like money, cell phone, etc. It was the perfect travel accessory! Although too big for me to carry around at the parks, it was great to have in the airport, on the plane, etc! (This Merona purse is available through Target online and in many Target store locations) 

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8. Fresh Market Thermal Collapsible Cooler 

  • I am not a Thirty-One consultant, however was blessed to be gifted the Thirty-One Fresh Market thermal last summer from a friend. As I was planning for our trip, I thought this would be the perfect cooler to take with us for our beach and pool days while on our Disney trip. Having owned the cooler for a while, I knew it was fantastic quality and an excellent size to hold many waters and other picnic items. I love that it collapses to such a nice size. Since we were flying, this made it very convenient to put in our luggage and have with us for those lounging days where we wanted to be sure and have plenty of food and drinks with us. It worked perfectly and in my opinion is a summer-time must-have whether you’re going on vacation or not. (The Fresh Market Thermal Collapsible Cooler is available through your Thirty-One consultant. If you don’t have a consultant, you can find one near you on their website).

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9. Vary You Backpack Purse 

  • Another amazing Thirty-One bags find, was the Vary You Backpack purse. It is on the spendy side, but in my opinion, well worth it for the versatility and quality! As I planned for our trip, I was looking for a bag that would work well in the parks. Something that I could easily hang on the stroller or carry onto rides. I wanted something that wasn’t too big, yet large enough to fit my camera lenses, small video camera, money, etc. The Vary You Backpack Purse from Thirty-One fit was the answer I had been looking for! It’s an easy bag to grab and go, and I love that it can be worn four different ways (as a backpack, one-shoulder backpack, crossbody or shoulder bag). There are 4 pockets and an extra zipper compartment along the outside which was great for all of those things I wanted to keep safe and secure. It housed everything I needed it to, plus any souvenirs I bought! It was comfortable to carry, and the black color made it something that even my hubby didn’t mind wearing it some (as seen in photo below ;)). I found this to be an ideal Disney park bag and one I’ve already been using to take to softball and t-ball practices, family outings and more! (As with the cooler, the Vary You Backpack Purse is available through a Thirty-One consultant.)

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10. ReTrak Animalz Retractable Children’s Headphones

  • Whether it was in the car, on the plane or in the motel…I knew headphones for each of the kids to use with an ipad would be necessary at some point. Although there are many headphones on the market to choose from, one of my favorites for young children are the ReTrak Animalz Retractable Children’s Headphones. We had the opportunity to review these last year, if you missed the review be sure to check it out here. Our family loves these headphones! I appreciate that the cord retracts so that we don’t have to worry about it getting tangled up. It made throwing the headphones in my purse a piece of cake! They’re obviously also very cute and appealing to little ones. My kids absolutely love them, and I love that the volume limiter helps to keep their hearing safe from sound that is too loud. These headphones were a lifesaver on our long drive to the airport, as well as our wait in the airport and on the plane! It made it possible to keep the kids entertained listening to music or watching a movie, all while respecting others around them and not making them have to listen to it too. These are a must-have for us on long trips, especially when flying with children. (Animalz Children’s Headphones can be purchased on Amazon and are available in many different adorable designs).

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What must-haves would you add to this list? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for Disney Vacations (or any family trip for that matter)! 


*This post does contain several affiliate links. I was not asked to post about any of these products. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of others. 

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